Artists share their experience

Jen Roit, Founder and Choreographer of Armada Dance Company – StylePointe 2019

As always, StylePointe is a highlight in my fall schedule! I love getting to collaborate with another artist and Qu was a dream to work with. She not only brought her stunning collection, but really gave me so much information about the story of her collection. It was very easy to craft a world in which to showcase the collection. And I always have a wonderful time working with such talented dancers. It’s a challenge to craft something with a unique space, but they always step up to the challenge! Looking forward to more StylePointes to come!


Beverly Tu – Designer – StylePointe 2019

StylePointe 2019 has been an amazing experience for me! It gave me an opportunity to collaborate with ELSCO Dance and Makeup Artist Naomi Liu and see my designs being presented in an unconventional way – combining runway and modern dance. The performance was refreshing and looked so great on stage.  I deeply appreciate Sangeeta’s effort in making everything come together in the end, as well as promoting the event!

Billy Blanken – Artistic Director – Sheep Meadow Dance Theatre

Style Pointe provided a unique experience for us to work with a designer and fabulous director. As a choreographer, I am creating my own vision. This unique experience gave me the opportunity to bring to life someone else’s vision- not always an easy task. This opportunity will be beneficial for me, should I ever want to choreograph commercially.

Additionally, the exposure my company got from this performance is a great opportunity for up and coming choreographers to present their work to a new audience and make connections outside of the dance community.

Melissa Weber – Dancer with Sheep Meadow Dance Theatre & Armada Dance 

StylePointe 2018 is such a wonderful treat! We get to dance and wear some high fashion while walking the runway! It’s such a rush while dancing and walking the runway as photographers take pics and people are enjoying the look. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to make connections of a lifetime between dancers, choreographers and companies.

Albena Kervanbashieva – Dancer with Dance Visions NY

This is my first year with StylePointe project and I loved every minute of it! Apart from loving dance and sharing it with the audiences, I am extremely grateful for all the outstanding work that Sangeeta and her team have put in to make our entire rehearsal process and the final performance to go so great both on stage and backstage. We felt very welcomed and supported throughout and Dixon place is a wonderful performance venue!

Beth Jucovy – Choreographer – Dance Visions NY

I was delighted to be a part of StylePointe 2018! What a great idea to showcase fashion and dance, which go together so well, in one dynamic show! In fact, I’m surprised StylePointe is the only showcase doing this! Sangeeta’s organization of the event was fabulous. She created the link helped us navigate through the collaboration process with encouragement, support and sensitivity. She helped break the ice and created the conditions for working well together. I also am so impressed with Sangeeta’s promotion fo the event, resulting in the sold out performance and great coverage!

As far as the collaboration I appreciated the parameters from the designs themselves and the ideas of the designer and then the independence to interpret these parameters in my own unique way. Our process worked out beautifully. After seeing the inspirational designs and knowing I felt a connection to them, we discussed Aimee’s (the designer’s) vision, inspiration and ideas she wanted to highlight. Aimee also had music chosen that she wanted to work with. Then it was my task to make it come to life in the dance. It was exciting to interpret her visions and her musical choices in my own way- so the end product really became a union of sorts.

It was high energy and fun, and I feel my dancers truly got to express their own individuality and strengths through the work. The dancers, Aimee and I worked really well together, the atmosphere for rehearsals and during the performance day was fully comfortable and conducive to creativity. I think everyone felt great about it. That atmosphere helped the work come across even stronger!

Subin Hahn – Designer 

Being able to showcase my designs on stage with strikingly beautiful performance from ELSCO dance team was like a dream come true moment as a designer. I wish to see more collaborations of fashion and performances from young designers as a form of visual art, and I am very glad that I was part of this showcase to inspire the audiences both in the field of fashion and performing arts.

Aimee Nielsen – Designer 

I will be forever grateful to Sangeeta and everyone at Stylepointe who work so hard to create a platform for emerging designers and artists. For me Stylepointe was one of my first opportunities as a designer to showcase my designs and I am happy and proud that it was done through a collaboration with Dance Visions NY and their dancers. This unique collaboration was almost a 5 month planning period and the end result to showcase the hard work of the multiple artist collaboration during New York Fashion Week was amazing. I always hope that what I’m creating as a designer is inspiring to people in some way or another and seeing what Sangeeta, Dance Visions NY, and the dancers do for their art form certainly inspired me.

Jen Roit – Choreographer – Armada Dance 

This was my second year participating in StylePointe, so I am obviously a fan of the amazing work Sangeeta does putting on this show! I love working alongside artists in different mediums, and fashion works so well with movement. Working with Leetal Platt’s stunning designs was extremely inspiring, and I was excited to try something new and bring in some aerial artists to collaborate with. Amy Schulster and Erin Blaire did amazing work in helping me craft an ambient dance work about Leetal’s Bougainvillea Revisited collection. And of course getting to work with my talented dancers who are always willing to try something a little different en pointe, Leigh Schanfein, Shoko Fujita, Melissa Weber, and Kylie Fox is a highlight. Looking forward to seeing all the talent that Sangeeta brings together for next fall!

Yuki Hasegawa – Choreographer – Azul Dance Theatre

It was a very exciting and memorable experience for me and Azul dancers to be a part of StylePointe 2017. I was also so happy to meet and work with the young talented designer Angelia Lin.

At the first moment when I saw her dresses, I fell in love with them! However, the challenging thing for me was that there were two different styles: two long dresses and two short dresses. So, I have been thinking, thinking, thinking,,, about a month. How can I use them together in the one dance piece. Finally, I came up with the idea of the story and the props: a treasure box, a key, and a rose, so that the audience can stay with the theme of the dance.

Fortunately, I have four lovely talented dancers in my company who perfectly fit in these dresses!! I choreographed and we rehearsed in July and August. We completed the narrative dance which included some contemporary dance movements with the dancers with short dresses.

We truly believe that Angelia’s dresses looked even more beautiful with dancing, music and lighting on the stage at the show!!

Melissa Weber – Dancer with Armada Dance 

StylePointe 2017 was an experience of a lifetime!! Who doesn’t want to be a part of New York Fashion Week?! Not only was I apart of it, I also got to do my number one passion, “DANCE” in it, as well! So much fun and all the artists were extremely nice! I hope to be a part of this for years to come!! THANK YOU!!

Jennifer Roit – Choregrapher – Armada Dance 

Dear Sangeeta, thank you so much for putting such an amazing show! I love getting to collaborate with other artists, & this show was so much fun.  The whole setup w/the runway at Dixon is fabulous! Here’s to many more years of StylePointe!  Love & thanks, Jennifer.

Kyla Piscopink – Choreographer – Dance Key West

StylePointe 2017 was an absolute dream! Paired with a delightful and talented designer, Kaitlin Germain, I was filled with inspiration and admiration from start to finish. I feel so fortunate to have been a part of such an innovative and wonderful production. I am honored to have choreographed for a NYFW event that celebrates the merging of two beautiful arts: Fashion & Dance; and to do so at Dixon Place, a place where I feel at home and supported, made it all the more special. Dixon Place is a NYC treasure, and I am very thankful for their commitment to the process of creation and the presentation of original works. My deepest gratitude to all involved in StylePointe, especially the amazing producer: Sangeeta Yesley, for her tireless work, positive attitude and her unyielding passion for dance!

Carmen Anderson – Designer – Carmen Anderson NY

My experience with StylePointe dance showcase this past September was very special to me! I was happy to be one of the designers in September 2015, the first year of the event! Sangeeta is an amazing supporter of us Entrepreneur designers and artists and doing it again was a total pleasure. Not just I have accomplished my goal showcasing as a fashion designer but having talented dancers wearing my collection on stage! The experience received was personal as well as professional. It had opened up more awareness about my collection and by showing it, how versatile my clothes can be. It’s all about movement & comfort yet an edge to it! All the dancers showed my pieces beautifully! Personally I always wanted to be a dancer and seeing these talented performers on stage wearing my clothes was a real thrill! Looking forward to many other collaborations with StylePointe in the near future!


StylePointe 2016 was one of my precious experiences as a dance choreographer in NYC. The gorgeous dresses made of Natural Silk designed by a young talented designer Ruchika Kabra were fantastic inspiration of my creation of the dance. Azul dancers were truly committed and enjoyed this performance opportunity very much.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity.


Creating dance movements that fits the style of the clothing and what movements that are possible, can be challenging.  Depending on the material and how tight it is sitting on the body.If it is a stretchy material or a delicate,Satin or Lace.  A flowing skirt with lots of fabric would have room for leg swings but a tight skirt or tight pants would require something different.  Having done Fashion Runway/ Dance Shows in Europe many years ago in a more commercial style, I thought it would be interesting to choreograph and collaborate with the designer,and create a piece with a visually different artistic style that still would have the purpose of showing the clothing line.  I enjoyed collaborating with the Fashion designer and I think it was a great event.


Having the opportunity to be part of StylePointe 2016 pushed me out of my comfort zone as a choreographer and was an overall wonderful experience! The idea of creating choreography based around an existing fashion line was my main challenge but also my main source of excitement. I enjoyed the push to think of movement differently and find new ways to be inspired as a choreographer. I am excited about the opportunity to collaborate with more fashion designers in the future!


I had a wonderful time sharing and collaborating with the designer. To have different audience experience my work in this form was a great experience.


‘When I applied to be a part of StylePointe, I wasn’t sure if I would be a good fit because of my designs, bodysuits are a hard pill to swallow when it comes to fashion. To my surprise my collection was chosen, to get that email was a feeling I will never forget! Any emerging designer knows how hard it is for anyone to accept what you have to offer. Not only was the application process simple, the response time was quick {I didn’t have too many sleepless nights}. I have never done anything like this before so this was all new to me. The journey was fun and not so daunting because of the help {and lots of it} from Sangeeta. She made sure I met with the choreographer, she took pictures and even recorded a video I could use for promo for my business. Sangeeta made it truly about the art and not strictly about business, all while running a tight ship!. After months of her checking on me to make sure I had what I needed, meeting with myself and the choreographer for fittings, answering emails promptly {sometimes within minutes}, it was finally showtime. I have to say, the idea of dance and fashion meshed together is GENIUS! I would have never thought I would see my collection, my art being expressed in such a manner. I am truly grateful for the opportunity! I benefited two fold, I was able to get exposure for my brand by being an “inkind” sponsor for the LIC YMCA at a fundraiser event. During this event I was able to show my bodysuits in a different light as well as raise money for children in need. The second benefit, I was contacted by a woman who attended the StylePointe show because she thought I would be a good fit for a fashion show that an acquaintance of hers was having. Although, the show didn’t transfer into sales, I got a bigger and better benefit, more exposure!’


I am so glad I got the opportunity to participate in Stylepointe fashion show. I saw my collection with a whole perspective. It was a delight to see the dancers move so gracefully in my gowns and they owned it. It truly was a unique collaboration and was like a dream come true. I was really honored with the appreciation and attention that I received after the show.

The organizer of Couture Fashion Week saw my collection at the showcase and invited me to showcase in 2017. I am actually participating in the Couture fashion week in 2017, all thanks to the StylePointe fashion show for opening that door for me.

I would really like to thank the team StylePointe and the choreographer; Yuki, for such an amazing experience.


‘Being a part of the Stylepointe Showcase was an incredible experience and my first time collaborating with a dance choreographer. The insights that I gained from working with Nicole Buggé and her talented dancers gave me a new perspective on the mobility aspect of fashion. Some of the garments had to be adjusted to accommodate dance movements, which made the collaboration an interactive dialogue. Receiving the opportunity to showcase as a part of New York Fashion Week was an honor, and an exciting rush. It truly reaffirmed that I have found my purpose and passion in fashion design and I cannot wait to participate in many more dance collaborations in the future!’

Carmen Anderson

“My experience with StylePointe Dance Showcase this past September was very special to me! Not just I have accomplished my goal showcasing as a fashion designer but having talented dancers wearing my collection on stage! The experience received was personal as well as professional. It had opened up more awareness about my collection and by showing how versatile my clothes can be. It’s all about movement & comfort yet an edge to it! All the dancers showed my pieces beautifully! Personally I always wanted to be a dancer and seeing these talented performers on stage wearing my clothes was a real thrill! I definitely look forward to the next show this coming up in September 2016!” – February 2016

The 8 th Continent /Suzuki

“Showcasing at the StylePointe last September was such a unique experience.  I originally signed up for this show so that I can simply showcase my creation right in front of an audience in NYC. But the whole experience was so much more than what I had expected! Unlike the other fashion shows, StylePointe allowed me to work with people with talents, such as choreographers, dancers and other fashion designers. I really enjoyed the way I could show off my designs through the project’s element of dance performance. Design is all about transformation. Benjamin Brione’s choreography allowed my kimono to fly like little butterflies on the stage. Ellenore Scott ‘s choreography allowed my gold swimsuits to shine like sunshine under the spot light. This experience of collaboration of fashion and dance gave my designs new identity! I would love to work with StylePointe again because I can’t wait to hear my new designs to tell new stories on the stage!” – February 2016

Elena Rudenko

“Dancing is an outstanding form of art. The art is able to transform feelings and emotions of everyday wear to a fantastic body speech. I was incredibly happy to be a part of StylePointe, an amazing project. It’s a magic to see how your designs become alive on dancers showing the idea of the collection through moves, as they catwalk on the ramp and do their exotic dance moves . Thank you so much to StylePointe and super talented Joyce King Dance Company for such a special experience!” – March 2016