Elena Rudenko

Elena Rudenko (2)


Brief description/inspiration/background story about the collection: 
Fall-Winter 15/16
Inspiration: Sun as symbol of hope because even after strongest storm sun always comes out. Old Ukrainian ornaments of sun as protection signs are background for decoration and handmade embroidery elements of collection. Transforming coat, double side dress, detachable brooches as the continuing brand’s concept of functionality.
Spring-summer 15
Aerial view on landscapes and cities, graphics of Earth from the top. Paper plane as childish symbol of journeys and adventures.  Buildings & city blocks gather like patterns of plaid. Rows of mountain are layered like pleats in the distance.  Paper planes hidden in the tucks of blouses and coat, in decorative folds of a skirt or blouse. Landscapes reflected onto moiré cottons, habotai silks and airless degrade crepe de chine.  Colors come from nature – hidden under the blackened veil of night, the puffy whiteness of day, yellow valleys become lush green forests covered mountains mixing with the blue of the sky’s horizon. Sand gradient changes with the current of electric blue ocean waves and lemon sunrays. Tangerine breathes the life of apricots, mangoes and orange gardens.
Transforming sculptures are same changeable as nature, cityscapes and life itself – linen skirt can morph into a layered dress and trousers transform into a jumpsuit.

Bio of the designer: I’m a Ukrainian designer based in New York. After 6 years of PR, sales and general management of experience for various fashion brands as well as 2 years of custom made design and styling I created my own brand in 2012. My background is Public Relations and Communications from University of Culture and Arts and course of Fashion Draping from National University of Technology and Design, Kiev, Ukraine.
Website: elenarudenko.com
Twitter:  @elenarudenko_

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