2019 Product Sponsors

Product Sponsors donate sample products for the 30 VIP Goody Bags as complimentary gifts for the VIP Guests.  Our heartfelt thanks to all the product sponsors. 

Our heartfelt THANKS to our Product Sponsor Bakery on Main

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AUDACIOUSLY PREMIUM ingredients, BAKESHOP DELICIOUS recipes, and HAPPY customers were our inspiration from the beginning— and are still the cornerstones of Bakery On Main today.

Website: www.bakeryonmain.com
Facebook: BakeryonMain
Twitter: BakeryonMain
Instagram: BakeryonMain


Our heartfelt THANKS to our Product Sponsor FOUR Organics

Our mission is passionate yet simplistic. Let us return back to the basics, to a time when dyhydroxinathium and red dye #4 was only used to paint your car. As consumers, we grow tired of trying to pronounce chromiunylothum or wondering what it’s purpose is. Our lip balm is raw, pure, balanced and most importantly 100 percent organic. Your lips will thank you.Stop Reading Labels, Start Loving Life. Handmade in the East Village, NYC.

Website: fourorganicsnyc.com
Facebook: facebook.com/fourorganics/
Twitter: @Fourorganics
Instagram: @four_nyc


Our heartfelt THANKS to our Sponsor STANDUP NY

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We support art in NYC by giving performers an outlet to grow in the comedy industry in addition to supporting top NYC comedians who call New York home. Recently we enlisted an NYU student to create a large canvas painting for our VIP section! Our podcast, Stand Up NY Labs, creates videos and podcasts with local comedians for comedy industry! Without the creativeness of the NYC arts and entertainment community, we wouldn’t be where we are today.
Facebook: StandUpNY
Twitter: standupny


Our heartfelt THANKS to our Product Sponsor ChloeAlysonChloealyson logoChloeAlyson is an emerging jewelry line based on the lower east side of New York City. Materials used are gold filled metals and semiprecious gemstones. Each piece of jewelry is meticulously handcrafted. Necklaces are hand-knotted with genuine gemstones on silk cord between each bead to protect each gemstone. The process of hand-knotting takes about 2-3 hours each necklace. A lot of positive energy is used in creating each piece of jewelry!  ChloeAlyson has been worn on fan favorite TV shows such as ABC’s ‘Scandal’ by Lisa Kudrow and worn on The CW’s ‘The Vampire Diaries’ by Katerina Graham.
Instagram: chloealysonjewelry
Twitter: ChloeAlyson_


Our heartfelt THANKS to our Product Sponsor Liberty Coca-Cola Beverages


What drives and distinguishes us from the competition is our unparalleled commitment to best-of-class customer service, extensive list of beverages, and passion for the community.  Oh … and we’ve also been in the bottling business for over 100 years. That means we know the industry inside out.

Website: http://www.libertycoke.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/libertycocacola
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LibertyCocaCola
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/libertycocacola/