2015 Showcase

Dear friends, we are delighted to announce the names of the Fashion Designers and the Dance Choreographers for the 2015 StylePointe Showcase on September 16 at Dixon Place Theater.

Enjoy the Promo.

Please welcome our Fashion Designers:

Elena Rudenko
Carmen Anderson
The 8th Continent /Suzuki
Aly Reinert

Check out their profiles.

Please welcome our Dance Choreographers:

Joyce King, Artistic Director, JKing Dance Company
Ellenore Scott, Artistic Director, ELSCO Dance
Benjamin Briones, Director, Benjamin Briones Ballet

Check out their profiles.

Read about our 2015 Designers’ Experience in the Showcase!

Please mark your calendar. SEPTEMBER 16th, WEDNESDAY, 7:30 p.m.

APRIL 25th, 2015.  10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.  ‘Meet and Greet’ between Fashion Designer ‘Elena Rudenko’ and Choreographer ‘Joyce King’ of JKing Dance Company together with dancer ‘Danelle Herran’.

APRIL 27, 2015.  9:30 a.m. to 11:30 .m.  ‘Meet and Greet’ between Fashion Designer ‘Suzuki’ and Choreographer ‘Benjamin Briones’ of Benjamin Briones Ballet.

MAY 3, 2015.  ‘Meet and Greet’ between Fashion Designers ‘Aly Reinert’ with Dance Choreographer ‘Ellenore Scott’ of ELSCO Dance.

MAY 18th – Sneak Peak at the Designer Outfit Trial with Fashion Designer Suzuki and Dance Choreographer Benjamin of Benjamin Briones Ballet at DANY Studios. The outfits are gorgeous.

JUNE 12th – A quick glance at the Designer Outfit Trial with Fashion Designer Elena Rudenko and Dance Choreographer Joyce King of JKing Dance Company.  Very elegant and chic!

June 24th – A successful Outfit Trial with Carmen Anderson NY’s designer collection and Benjamin Briones Ballet dancers.  

August 3rd – A fabulous Outfit Trail with designer Aly Reinert and ELSCO Dance dancers.


  • We asked Fashion Designer Elena Rudenko, what excited her about the StylePointe Project.  And she said…. (watch the video).
  • Television fame Ellenore Scott of “So You Think You Can Dance?”, the Artistic Director of ELSCO Dance, is one of our choreographers collaborating with two of our featured Fashion Designers. She finds this project very interesting with a new point of view from a choreographer’s perspective. See the video to hear it from her…. 
  • Fashion Designer Aly Reinert is excited to bring back to StylePointe, her FIT collection that she created for Fusion Fashion Show 2015. She has an amazing and inspirational story behind her collection.  Watch the video.
  • Joyce King, the Artistic Director of JKing Dance Company, is one of our choreographers collaborating with our featured Fashion Designers. JKing Dance Company (JKDC) , JKDC, is dedicated to creating a richly textured and emotional landscape of dance, motivating audiences toward exploring territories of the mind and heart. It values imagination and individuality.  Joyce is very excited to be our choreographer and is curious 😀                Watch the video.
  • Fashion Designer Carmen Anderson  is very excited to bring her collection to StylePointe and collaborate with one of our featured choreographers. She used to be a dancer before and after she established herself as a fashion designer in NYC, she always wanted to make designer collections made with breathable fabric that are dance/yoga/fitness workout appropriate… Can’t wait to see the dancers dancing wearing her collection. This will be a moment of ‘Dream Come True’ for Carmen Anderson.  Watch the video
  • Outfit trial of Carmen Anderson NY Designer Outfit with Benjamin Briones Ballet dancers…. Awesome… Watch the video.