Q: I am an apparel designer. If I am accepted to participate in StylePointe, what will be my involvement in this project?
A:  Your designer apparel collection will be the inspiration behind the dance choreography.  First of all you will need to show your existing apparel collection to the dance companies/choreographers you are collaborating with.  Next, you will be involved in the outfit trial.  And finally, you will need to attend the tech and dress rehearsal.  And, we highly encourage you to attend the final show to be introduced to the audience and interact with them.

Q:  How many outfits should be in the collection that will be required for the showcase?
A:  Minimum 4 outfits and maximum 6 to 8 outfits will be accepted. In 2021, we are reducing the numbers to a max of 6 outfits.

Q:  Do the outfits in the collection need to be dance appropriate?  i.e. giving room for movements?
A:  No.  Not necessarily.  The outfits in the collection does not necessarily have to be dance appropriate or dance focused.  It is the challenge for the choreographers to work with any given collection to bring out the best of the stories.

Q: I am a dance choreographer. What will be my involvement in this project?
A:  You get a rare opportunity to work with fashion designers and work in a very specific and challenging environment where you derive inspiration from the given designer collection to choreograph a dance.  And, you are expected to use the story/inspiration behind the designer’s collection, as the theme of the choreography.

Q: What is the name of the performance venue and where is it?
A: Dixon Place Theater situated in the lower east side at 161A Chrystie Street (btwn Delancey and Rivington), NY 10002.

Q: Please tell me more about Dixon Place Theater.
A:  Dixon Place supports emerging artists.  Here is the link to their mission and history: http://dixonplace.org/about-us/mission/

Q: I am a fashion designer, what do I need to pay to be part of this project?
A: StylePointe is a FREE platform for emerging fashion designers who can showcase their existing collection in an interesting performing arts environment.

Q: When does the show take place?
A: Annually, during Fall New York Fashion Week.

Q: Is this show a recurring event?
A:  This show has been a great success since 2015 and has been recommended by NY Times in 2018  and in 2019.  We have always returned to continue to support the emerging fashion designers and would like to continue to do so every year.  We are looking forward to another successful  event this year.

Q: I am a fashion designer.  If I get accepted in this project, what do I get in return?
A:  You get the performance space; you get the models/dancers; you get the technical support; you get professional photographs of the event; you get a video; you get the feedback from the audience; and you get publicity/press preview, all for FREE.  We do a Press Preview (usually a week to 10 days before the showcase) where the press reps, media reps and bloggers are invited to attend and who write and blog and generate awareness of yourself as a designer and about your designer collection.

Q:  What is this $50 Refundable Deposit?  Please explain.
A:  This deposit is an assurance of your commitment towards this project, which we shall hold on to, until the performance day.  Please DO NOT send in the deposit with your application.  This deposit will be collected only after your designer collection is selected and accepted as part of this project.  The deposit of $50 will be returned to you on the day of the show/event.   Application submission is FREE.  So, don’t hold back.  Send in your application. And, for students, we are always happy to accommodate the best possible way.

Q:  What kind of audience will attend the show?
A:  The show is for the general members of the public.  Anyone can attend this show.

Q.  How long is the show and what time will it start and finish?
A:  The show will start at 7:30 p.m.  The run time is 60 minutes.  Tickets will be 3 tiered –  VIP, Orchestra and Mezzanine.

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