Goksu Guneylioglu

goksu website portrait
Designer : Goksu Guneylioglu

Brief description about the collection:
Brand New Collection
– Main piece of my previous collection was a jacket with a popup
book that symbolizes my imaginary playground. Inspired from that jacket, this collection consists of clothes that are comfortable, convenient and cheerful; some pieces for us to wear for a trip to the Playground.
Freud’s Wardrobe
This collection was inspired from a psychoanalytic theory of famous psychologist Sigmund Freud, “Id, Ego, Superego”. Shiny fabric represents Id. It’s the world in us, it’s attractive but inappropriate. Denim fabric represents Superego and that’s the world around us, appropriate and common. Lastly, transparent fabric with embroideries represents ego. That’s what we show to the world, it’s a complicated mix of id and superego.

Bio of the designer: Hello! I’m Goksu and I’m a Turkish fashion designer from New York. I graduated from FIT-ITU SUNY Fashion Design Program in 2020. Since then, I’ve been working on my own brand and styling for photoshoots time to time. I believe that I have a pretty unique, convenient and fun style. Now I want to combine it with ethical, environmentally friendly and gender and size inclusive features.

Instagram: designed_by_sky ; goksuguneylioglu