Beverly Tu

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DESIGNER : Beverly Tu/Photo: Yumeno Niimura

Brief description about the collection:The collection “ Flow” emphasizes the movement with organic curved lines and spontaneity of the creative process in the making. With the focus on knitwear textile art, the collection is aimed to interpret different emotions through abstract forms, as well as  the relationship between femininity, landscapes and textures. “Flow” is expressed using free-formed and whimsical designs.

Bio of the designer:  Beverly Tu is a Taiwanese born and New York based  fashion designer and mixed media artist that focuses on fabric manipulation, textiles, beading, and textures. She received her associate degree in fashion design from Parsons. While at Parsons, Beverly collaborated with many companies and artists. One example is her participation in Zara’s Shape of Invisible project. She upcycled the store’s last season of clothes to create new designs. Her fashion projects, mixed media, and curatorial works have been shown at Central Park, Trestle Gallery, Ground Floor Gallery, many other galleries and events. She was an artist in residence at Trestle Artspace (Brooklyn, U.S.A) and Brashnar Creative Project(Skopje, Macedonia) in 2018. She was in NYFA immigrant artist mentoring program in 2019.

Facebook: Bifoli2LLC
Instagram: bev_tu