Kenroy Tyrell

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DESIGNER : Kenroy Tyrell

Brief description about the collection: This collection (Neo Herero) is a bold modernization on the classic Herero Dress infused with golden sand from Dune 7 (space) in the Nambi desert, calm marine life from Walvis Bay Lagoon, and the Herero Tribe’s admiration and appreciation for cattle.

Bio of the designer: I was born in Kingston, Jamaica on August on 20th 1988. At age eleven I emigrated to Brooklyn, New York to live with my Mother. During high school I fell into fashion with an age old problem, finding a shirt to complete my outfit for homecoming. After unsuccessfully shopping for hours for the perfect shirt. I got so frustrated I decided to make my own. At this point my fashion knowledge was replacing a button and hemming trousers. I started to research clothing construction which led me to my local fabric store and the rest is history. Today I continue to increase my knowledge on different construction techniques and create custom garment for my clients.

Instagram: @Kkoncepts