Aquasia Qu Clarke

eastern terminal
Aquasia C-a
DESIGNER : Aquasia Qu Clarke / Eastern.Terminal

Brief description about the collection: “Eartha” is the embodiment of the elements. The color palette represents air, water, fire, earth while the silhouette of the garments protrudes warrior capabilities. I came up with this concept when I joined the Brooklyn Fashion Academy. The theme was paying homage to the Herero women of Namibia who still wear Victorian style dresses. We weren’t just paying homage to their clothes but to their struggles and victories. With this collection I give you the mind, body, and spirit of a strong woman, a warrior woman, a divine woman.

Bio of the designer:  My name is Aquasia Clarke, but I usually just go by QU. I’m a Brooklyn native, born and raised so my design aesthetic is very New York. I started designing and constructing my own pieces two years ago but I’ve known how to sew since I was 11. I was pretty much raised to be a survivalist, meaning “where there’s a will, there’s a way”! So really and truly what made the thought of constructing my own pieces come about was not being able to afford my own expensive taste so in turn I’d make my own knockoffs. I’m self-taught; most of what I’ve learned has come from YouTube or friends alike. At this point, sewing channels on YouTube are my social media, my sitcoms, and my best bud. Making my own apparel allows me to have a voice bigger than any of my words could ever project.

Instagram: @eastern.terminal/