Jennifer Gutierrez


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DESIGNER : Jennifer Gutierrez / Photo Credit: Brenna Dolan

Brief description about the collection: The metamorphic woman is the who has been confined and oppressed of her mental, physical and emotional freedom to be who she desires. This collection shows the changes and differences of each.

Bio of the designer: Dominican-American Bronx Native Jennifer Lee Gutierrez found out after being stung by the Fashion bug that her late mother was a fashionista and made some of her own garments. Although fashion was not her first love, Jennifer has always had an appreciation for it. ​

When she went to Japan, Jennifer was captivated by the elegance in the Japanese fashion industry for women. This motivated her decision to someday make her own clothes. Yet, that idea expanded to having a desire to make clothes for more women like her.

Now, Jennifer is developing her line and look books that display her favorite types of apparel for the modern woman.

Instagram: @XioLeeapparel/