2015 Designers tell their Experience

Carmen Anderson

“My experience with StylePointe Dance Showcase this past September was very special to me! Not just I have accomplished my goal showcasing as a fashion designer but having talented dancers wearing my collection on stage! The experience received was personal as well as professional. It had opened up more awareness about my collection and by showing how versatile my clothes can be. It’s all about movement & comfort yet an edge to it! All the dancers showed my pieces beautifully! Personally I always wanted to be a dancer and seeing these talented performers on stage wearing my clothes was a real thrill! I definitely look forward to the next show this coming up in September 2016!” – February 2016

The 8 th Continent /Suzuki

“Showcasing at the StylePointe last September was such a unique experience.  I originally signed up for this show so that I can simply showcase my creation right in front of an audience in NYC. But the whole experience was so much more than what I had expected! Unlike the other fashion shows, StylePointe allowed me to work with people with talents, such as choreographers, dancers and other fashion designers. I really enjoyed the way I could show off my designs through the project’s element of dance performance. Design is all about transformation. Benjamin Brione’s choreography allowed my kimono to fly like little butterflies on the stage. Ellenore Scott ‘s choreography allowed my gold swimsuits to shine like sunshine under the spot light. This experience of collaboration of fashion and dance gave my designs new identity! I would love to work with StylePointe again because I can’t wait to hear my new designs to tell new stories on the stage!” – February 2016

Elena Rudenko

“Dancing is an outstanding form of art. The art is able to transform feelings and emotions of everyday wear to a fantastic body speech. I was incredibly happy to be a part of StylePointe, an amazing project. It’s a magic to see how your designs become alive on dancers showing the idea of the collection through moves, as they catwalk on the ramp and do their exotic dance moves . Thank you so much to StylePointe and super talented Joyce King Dance Company for such a special experience!” – March 2016