The 8 th Continent /Suzuki

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DESIGNER: SUZUKI; Photo Credit: WenWen Feng

Brief description/inspiration/background story about the collection: I began the Tokyo 003 collection in late 2014 with my family being the greatest inspiration. My background is attributed to a three generation of traditional Japanese guitar player family. This implies that my grandmother, mother and I, wear kimono. This inspires me to design a kimono inspired dress which is a traditional wear but in a modern way. In collaboration with David Klein, I learnt how to use his photograph to create various designs.
I began my swimwear line this year, 2015. This follows the inspiration of being born and raised near famous beaches for tour. Through the friends whom I could see wearing swimwear model, I was naturally inspired to design my own swimwear collection. The sun goddess and radiant sunshine are my inspiration for the T-8-C. My signature colour is Gold, which is attributed to radiant sunshine. This feeling increase my energy to work even on more designs.
In essence, I can describe The 8th Continent as a state of mind, which is surreal Utopia, where one can express views without fear of ridicule. The happiest people with confident are residents of The 8th Continent.

Bio of the designer: I was born in Japan and raised there. I am a professional fashion designer and a certified Syamisen player and teacher. I graduated from the Academy of Art in 2014, where studied theatre costume and fashion design- women’s’ wear bias. I also learnt design and sewing. Initially I had studied art history and fine arts, which gave me insight into the use of watercolour, oil paint, pottery and batik among others.
I enjoy oil painting, which is my hobby at all times. I began learning of oil painting at the age of six and still do it up to now.   I have learnt that painting is a way of attaining aspiration for my design. I also learnt tap dance and all manner of acting on stage.  In addition, I enjoy photo shooting landscape and hair makeup.
As a fashion designer, I officially began my brand in November 2014, and since then I have two-fashion line within the same brand. They include the Tokyo003 collection, which is inspired by the Asian traditional clothes such as kimono and the china dress. The other brand is the T-8-C collection of Gold colour swimwear. I have been displaying my work at local SF fashion show since last year.
Facebook: Kenzosuzuki.continent