Carmen Anderson

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Brief description/inspiration/background story about the collection: CarmenAndersonNY  It’s a concise season less collection, made with natural knit jersey materials. I’m a mother of 2 who works, takes care of the house and try to keep fit. This collection is for the on the go woman who has to giggle with so much in one day and doesn’t have time to think of what to wear. The line fits in the crossover category (dress up or down) and it’s very versatile staple clothing (perfect for traveling!). The collection is also ideal for yoga and dancers (which I always wanted to be) because of the versatility of the styles and flexibility of the material for movement. The fabric is soft and luxurious, “It’s comfortable with an edge” sustainable clothing made 100% in NYC.

Bio of the designer: I’m a local emerging designer from Great Neck, NY. A Graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology and a native of the Dominican Republic, with the experience in the Fashion industry for over 20 years. I’m very excited to have finally launched my collection CarmenAndersonNY.
Website: CarmenAndersonNY,
Facebook :CarmenAndersonNY
Twitter : @carmenaanderson

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