2016 Designers Share their experience


‘When I applied to be a part of StylePointe, I wasn’t sure if I would be a good fit because of my designs, bodysuits are a hard pill to swallow when it comes to fashion. To my surprise my collection was chosen, to get that email was a feeling I will never forget! Any emerging designer knows how hard it is for anyone to accept what you have to offer. Not only was the application process simple, the response time was quick {I didn’t have too many sleepless nights}. I have never done anything like this before so this was all new to me. The journey was fun and not so daunting because of the help {and lots of it} from Sangeeta. She made sure I met with the choreographer, she took pictures and even recorded a video I could use for promo for my business. Sangeeta made it truly about the art and not strictly about business, all while running a tight ship!. After months of her checking on me to make sure I had what I needed, meeting with myself and the choreographer for fittings, answering emails promptly {sometimes within minutes}, it was finally showtime. I have to say, the idea of dance and fashion meshed together is GENIUS! I would have never thought I would see my collection, my art being expressed in such a manner. I am truly grateful for the opportunity! I benefited two fold, I was able to get exposure for my brand by being an “inkind” sponsor for the LIC YMCA at a fundraiser event. During this event I was able to show my bodysuits in a different light as well as raise money for children in need. The second benefit, I was contacted by a woman who attended the StylePointe show because she thought I would be a good fit for a fashion show that an acquaintance of hers was having. Although, the show didn’t transfer into sales, I got a bigger and better benefit, more exposure!’


I am so glad I got the opportunity to participate in Stylepointe fashion show. I saw my collection with a whole perspective. It was a delight to see the dancers move so gracefully in my gowns and they owned it. It truly was a unique collaboration and was like a dream come true. I was really honored with the appreciation and attention that I received after the show.

The organizer of Couture Fashion Week saw my collection at the showcase and invited me to showcase in 2017. I am actually participating in the Couture fashion week in 2017, all thanks to the StylePointe fashion show for opening that door for me.

I would really like to thank the team StylePointe and the choreographer; Yuki, for such an amazing experience.


‘Being a part of the Stylepointe Showcase was an incredible experience and my first time collaborating with a dance choreographer. The insights that I gained from working with Nicole Buggé and her talented dancers gave me a new perspective on the mobility aspect of fashion. Some of the garments had to be adjusted to accommodate dance movements, which made the collaboration an interactive dialogue. Receiving the opportunity to showcase as a part of New York Fashion Week was an honor, and an exciting rush. It truly reaffirmed that I have found my purpose and passion in fashion design and I cannot wait to participate in many more dance collaborations in the future!’