VAVA Clothing


DESIGNER : Joetta Dugbo

Brief description about the collection: VAVA FREE was inspired by the idea of freedom. Thus the collection is Free spirited, when worn we’re Free in our skin, free to be who we are, free to be bold, free to love & live, free of stereotypes, free of our past and free to explore life with no  judgments.

Bio of the designer:

Joetta Dugbo, (born August 31, 1993) to the blessed union of Mr. and Mrs. Dugbo, is a very talented, creative and resourceful person, She grew up in West Africa, Monrovia Liberia, which speaks to her unique mixture of designs, particularly of the African-Caribbean taste. Joetta moved to the United States in 2007, she is a graduate of Curtis High School in Staten Island, New York. Following her graduation from, high school, Joetta decided to explore her passion and creative abilities. She started her studies in fashion designs at the Art Institute of New York in 2013. Over the years following her graduation from Curtis High School, she has developed an extraordinary passion for creative designing, something that keeps her very active, focus and purpose driven. She has demonstrated her deep obsessive interest in creative design with the launching of her Own Clothing Line called VAVA CLOTHING (2013). Joetta completed her studies at The Art Institute of New York in December of  2015.  Joetta’s goal is to be an inspiration to women of all culture and demographic through out the world.

Facebook: VA VA
Contact:; 347 938 4096

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