Sylwia Kotowska

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DESIGNER :  Sylwia Kotowska

Brief description/inspiration/background story about the collection: My collection is called Rime. I have designed a Fall/Winter collection reminiscent of a cold winter night. My inspiration is mostly seen through my choice of fabrics, which I really wanted to play with the different textures that come out during the colder seasons. Rime is the frost formed on cold objects by raping freezing water vapor, which through the silvery fabrics gives a chilling feeling. Adding the navy and mohair gives my collection that warm feeling of cuddling up in a blanket on a cold December night.

Bio of the designer: Sylwia was born in Poland and came to America as a young child. She has been designing and has wanted to be a fashion designer since the second grade. Currently she is a fashion design student at the Fashion Institute of Technology, specializing in children’s wear. She aims to create simple feeling yet intricate and beautiful garments for women and children, keeping a strong focus on comfort and style.

Instagram: sylwiakotowskadesigns

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