Megan Doyle Dance

Megan_Doyle_7394 (2)
Megan Doyle – Choreographer / Photo: Chris Macke


Megan Doyle Dance attempts to find a unique intersectionality between Contemporary dance, Musical Theatre and personal storytelling. With a strong attention to meaning and relationship, the work utilizes a full range of mediums to convey itself to the audience. Striving for accessibility and legibility, the stories are ripped from our current landscape, with all of its conflicts, desires, challenges and fears. MDD aims to interrupt the history of separating performative genres by using all available vocabulary and approaches to art-making. Empowering humans to tell their stories, especially self-identifying women, is a strong tenet.

Facebook: megandoyledance
Instagram: @megandoyledance

Watch Megan Doyle and Co-Choreographer Courtney Laine Self