Kaitlin Germain

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DESIGNER : Kaitlin Germain

Brief description about the collection: My collection is about ephemerality in life and nature, as inspired by hummingbirds. Hummingbirds represent the fleeting moments and ever changing emotions of life. Their iridescent feathers and quick motions remind us of life’s constant changes. They show us how a significant moment can fade to irrelevance and how the feeling of darkness can so quickly turn to light. They inspire boldness in the face of change and the power to leave your mark regardless of the time you’ve had.

Bio of the designer: I believe that fashion is the best way to express originality and create a functional, wearable masterpiece. I have always desired a career in art and have spent much of my life exploring different artistic styles and creative media – from acrylic painting to crystal beading. At the Fashion Institute of Technology, I studied couture sewing and embellishment techniques as well as draping, pattern-making, and illustration. I have had experience learning from industry professionals as well as interning with a top New York City fashion design studio. I want the women who wear my designs to feel confident, beautiful, and free to express themselves when they dress for their special occasion.

Facebook: Kaitlin Germain
Instagram: @KaitlinGermain

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