James Chapman


(Photo: Jacob McIntyre)


Brief description/inspiration/background story about the collection: “Cells Consuming” shows the progression from the first deformed or altered cell in a body to the altered cells consuming the body resulting in death. Certain abnormalities cause a cell to grow and divide more rapidly and to continue to live when normal cells would die. Over time, these abnormal cells can crowd out healthy cells resulting in cancer. This collection follows the stages of cancer beginning with stage zero and ending with stage four.

Bio of the designer: James, born and raised in South Florida, began designing garments at the age of thirteen. As a Junior at Parsons The New School, he combines bespoke techniques with handmade textiles to create high quality garments. Texture, textile development and draping are at the core of his design process, with careful consideration of materiality.

Facebook : James Chapman
Instagram: Jamesrobertdesigns

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