G.Wilson Activewear

GWEN AND LAURA (2)(Photo: Adam Houston)


Brief description/inspiration/background story about the collection: Gwen Potter and Laura Laurent met a few years ago in Bushwick. With Laura’s extensive background in fashion design and Gwen’s active lifestyle as well as desire to have her own line one day, the two fused together their passions and created an activewear line. G.Wilson is multi-functional for wear both day and night.

About the designers:
Gwen Potter is a dancer/choreographer from Indianapolis, IN and came to the city nearly 10 years ago. Through her adventures, she has had many opportunities to perform, choreograph, and explore many different passions. She teaches in the tri-state area and travels around the country often to share her love with students of all different ages.
Laura Laurent was born and raised in northern England and has a background in fashion and textile design. While in London, won many awards and had the opportunity to work with some of London’s biggest names in fashion. When she moved to NYC (almost 6 years ago) she was hired to design bright prints for a large accessories company. Currently, besides starting G.Wilson, has begun freelance designing wedding gowns and evening wear.

Website: gwilson.nyc
Facebook : gwilsonactive
Instagram: g.wilson_activewear

Watch Gwen and Laura.