Angelia Lin


DESIGNER : Angelia Lin

Brief description about the collection: The collection ‘Collide’ was inspired by the idea of nature overcoming order and structure. The collection has elements of abstract minimalism blooming with organic aspects like branches and gradients of color. The collection plays with color and line to create unique pieces that blend together.

Bio of the designer: Growing up I was always an artistic person, and fashion has always been how I express my artistic abilities. It has all the technical elements that I love, as well as the creative elements that allow me to create just about anything. I consider my aesthetic as being very architectural and sculptural. I like to create garments that play with the lines of a person’s body and to manipulate the fabric so that it complements and molds to the body. I chose special occasion as my specialization, in Fashion Institute of Technology, because of the delicateness, detail, and precision that are all put into a single garment. I love the idea of working on a single garment for hours, putting a lot of handwork into that garment, and then stepping back and seeing a masterpiece.

Facebook: Angelia Lin
Instagram: @_Angeliaaaa_

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In 2017 showcase, a special jewelry sponsor is working with Azul Dance Theater and Angelia Lin collaboration team – emithnic. 

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emithnic is a brand that makes unique  handcrafted jewelry by Emi Yamashita. Social media handle is @emithnic.