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DESIGNER : ALY REINERT; Photo: Baylee Reinert

Brief description/inspiration/background story about the collection: 
Titanium is my collection that conveys the before and after of Scoliosis Spinal Fusion Surgery, which I had done when I was 15. The surgery involves the fusion of most of the vertebrae and the insertion of two metal rods on either side of the spine as well as several screws keeping them in place.
The silhouettes before the transformation hide the body a bit more to represent the insecurity of feeling deformed and curved. They also have a curved center back seam line to show the spines original shape. Post surgery, the silhouettes are more fitted, feminine, and figure flattering to represent the confidence of having a straighter back. I incorporated hand made brass metal pieces along the backs of the more fitted garments to show the transformation into a metal spine and to convey the new sense of power and strength that I felt after the procedure. The titanium rods in my back are a metallic blue, and the screws are a metallic purple. I did not choose these colors, they came this way, but I think they are beautiful and really inspired the colors I chose for this collection. The contrast in the x-rays was also an important element in the fabrication of my designs. I created a print from my x-rays as well which is incorporated in the collection in two color ways, purpled, and black and white.
The chronological order of the looks in the runway show is meant to be a metamorphosis of the before and after. With each look, she transitions more from having a severe curvature to being straightened with the metal. Although some might say having a fused spine with titanium rods is a limitation, for me, nothing has ever brought me more freedom.

Bio of the designer: My name is Aly Reinert and I am currently in the One Year Associates Program for Fashion Design at FIT. I am a visiting student from UW-Madison so this year is my fourth year of college, and my degree from FIT is the completion of my Bachelors in Science in Textile and Apparel Design from University of Wisconsin, Madison. I will be graduating this spring from both schools and degrees. I grew up in Minnesota with an artistic family that always nurtured my creativity. Now that I am out of the Midwest, I plan to stay in New York, follow my ambition, and see what opportunities I can find here. My long-term goal is to start my own business once I have worked in the industry a while and gained more knowledge and experience.
My design aesthetic is organic, feminine yet strong, with a particular attention to detail. I am often inspired by things found in our natural world or by the human body.  I am inspired by human life and the things that we experience or go through, as well as living organisms in nature. I am moved to create by the beauty I see in these different forms of life.

Facebook: aly.reinert
Instagram: @alyrein

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