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DESIGNER BRAND : Alienz_Incorporated 
Photo Credit: Steve Jewett

Brief description about the collection: Lolita’s Lollipop” is a pure expression of our true colors and ambitions. It is inspired by our passion for the future, and how the Asian culture—particularly Japanese, adopts this surrealistic idea.
Color and excess are driving factors for us. The base of all our bodacious designs knows no limits, hence why in this particular collection we chose to exalt Harajuku and Cosplay trends.
Our Lolita look is a modern-day Geisha that incorporates styles and genres ranging from kawaii and bubbly-like dolls, to dark and gothic-steam-like felines. 

In this collection we strive to evoke these looks while highlighting our brand name with a touch of animated and extraterrestrial, alluring fashion.

Bio of the designer label:  Alienz_Incorporated is an evolution of the persona, identity, and self. We focus on fusing color with beauty, sexuality and power.  Obsessed with excess and flamboyance, we push the boundaries of style by utilizing ornate design that embraces the future, our past, and the current cultural world we live in.  In transforming, we stand outside ourselves. We become something obscure and iridescent that illuminates the dark streets of New York, a city that allows us to freely expose our true hues and express ourselves at full volume.  Human interaction, and the reactions we experience through our dress intrigue us.  Whether we make you feel uncomfortable, or tickle your fancy, we hope to inspire and incite others to proudly escape their element and nourish their alter egos.

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