2017 Artists Share their experience

Yuki Hasegawa – Choreographer – Azul Dance Theatre

It was a very exciting and memorable experience for me and Azul dancers to be a part of StylePointe 2017. I was also so happy to meet and work with the young talented designer Angelia Lin.

At the first moment when I saw her dresses, I fell in love with them! However, the challenging thing for me was that there were two different styles: two long dresses and two short dresses. So, I have been thinking, thinking, thinking,,, about a month. How can I use them together in the one dance piece. Finally, I came up with the idea of the story and the props: a treasure box, a key, and a rose, so that the audience can stay with the theme of the dance.

Fortunately, I have four lovely talented dancers in my company who perfectly fit in these dresses!! I choreographed and we rehearsed in July and August. We completed the narrative dance which included some contemporary dance movements with the dancers with short dresses.

We truly believe that Angelia’s dresses looked even more beautiful with dancing, music and lighting on the stage at the show!!

Melissa Weber – Dancer with Armada Dance 

StylePointe 2017 was an experience of a lifetime!! Who doesn’t want to be a part of New York Fashion Week?! Not only was I apart of it, I also got to do my number one passion, “DANCE” in it, as well! So much fun and all the artists were extremely nice! I hope to be a part of this for years to come!! THANK YOU!!

Jennifer Roit – Choregrapher – Armada Dance 

Dear Sangeeta, thank you so much for putting such an amazing show! I love getting to collaborate with other artists, & this show was so much fun.  The whole setup w/the runway at Dixon is fabulous! Here’s to many more years of StylePointe!  Love & thanks, Jennifer.

Kyla Piscopink – Choreographer – Dance Key West

StylePointe 2017 was an absolute dream! Paired with a delightful and talented designer, Kaitlin Germain, I was filled with inspiration and admiration from start to finish. I feel so fortunate to have been a part of such an innovative and wonderful production. I am honored to have choreographed for a NYFW event that celebrates the merging of two beautiful arts: Fashion & Dance; and to do so at Dixon Place, a place where I feel at home and supported, made it all the more special. Dixon Place is a NYC treasure, and I am very thankful for their commitment to the process of creation and the presentation of original works. My deepest gratitude to all involved in StylePointe, especially the amazing producer: Sangeeta Yesley, for her tireless work, positive attitude and her unyielding passion for dance!

Carmen Anderson – Designer – Carmen Anderson NY

My experience with StylePointe dance showcase this past September was very special to me! I was happy to be one of the designers in September 2015, the first year of the event! Sangeeta is an amazing supporter of us Entrepreneur designers and artists and doing it again was a total pleasure. Not just I have accomplished my goal showcasing as a fashion designer but having talented dancers wearing my collection on stage! The experience received was personal as well as professional. It had opened up more awareness about my collection and by showing it, how versatile my clothes can be. It’s all about movement & comfort yet an edge to it! All the dancers showed my pieces beautifully! Personally I always wanted to be a dancer and seeing these talented performers on stage wearing my clothes was a real thrill! Looking forward to many other collaborations with StylePointe in the near future!