Product Sponsors

Our product sponsors are contributors for the VIP Give-Away Bags.

Thank you for your generosity and thank you for supporting the emerging talents in New York City.  Your kindness is deeply appreciated.

If you are interested in sponsoring this event, please contact with your inquiry for the sponsorship package.

At a glance 2018 Product Sponsors

Trees GF Logo NEW (2)     logo                                    

            RSF_Primary_Logo_Green (2)High Res Copy


At a glance 2017 Product Sponsors

logo-shaklee-01a                           Chloealyson logoTrees GF Logo NEW (2)                                         SheaByNai

NEW BRANDING LOGO FINAL (2)             logo

High Res Copy


At a glance 2016 Product Sponsors


High Res CopyDDry_Logo_Boldlogo-shaklee-01a
Chloealyson logo Trees GF Logo NEW (2)


At a glance 2015 Product Sponsors


 INGLOT logo (adobe illustrator)   Chloealyson logo

   logo-top-bar1 - Organic facelogo-shaklee-01a  High Res Copy