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Brief description about the collection: We create, sew and sell our designer brand. We have two sister lines Boujichick Fashion and Bella LaVie Collection. Boujichick Fashion is trendy/urban and Bella LaVie is posh.

About the Brand: Boujichick Fashions opened its doors in April 2013 by an aspiring female fashion designer with a lot of hope, dreams, education and over 15 years in the fashion industry. With a few reliable team mates and an honest and trustworthy investor, the designer line has been able to grow from ground zero. Every piece of clothing is created, sewn and sold by the fashion house. Further, each design is original and its creation, began its life as a sketch on a piece of paper. Boujichick Fashions’ are trendy and urban and made suitable for the fashionistas with curves regardless of size. Excitingly, we will be debuting the remaining pieces of our Spring/Summer 2017 Fashions Line March 1st …. I guarantee you there will be more than a few pieces you will want to rock! We are bringing Girl Swag back!!! 

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